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Backlink: How to increase your website ranking No.1 and DA

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Backlink: In today’s time, with all the new bloggers who are there is very difficult to increase their blog rankings. The main credit goes to his knowledge of half-finished blogs.

As far as I have experienced, there is a huge lack of accurate and accurate information, which leads to new bloggers working on blogs for a few days and then shutting it down. Today, I will discuss in detail in this article how to increase the ranking and DA of your website so that your blog can get a lot of traffic.

How to Publish Posts?

When publishing any post, make sure that you have followed all the rules of SEO. For this, create an attractive heading that requires keywords. Then always write the post in small paragraphs which will be readable as well as for your SEO. Then don’t forget to SEO the image used in the article in a proper manner.

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Before writing an article, you must also find out how much of the keyword you want to write on. Use keywords in the article as well as keywords related to it. Start creating a backlink a week after publishing the post. Taking care of all these things can rank your post.

How to increase your website’s DA

His DA is considered very important for a website. New bloggers often make the mistake that they start creating backlinks without thinking about it, and the result is that either their blog’s spam score increases more or the DA is significantly reduced.

Now those who are new bloggers don’t understand why this is happening to them. I made many backlinks, but the DA decreased instead of increasing. To resolve this problem, be sure to find out the spam score of any website while taking a backlink from it. Create a backlink on that website only if the spam score is less than 3.

The DA of any website is very important for that. So when creating a backlink, make sure how many backlinks do follow and no follow backlinks should be made. According to the American tech website CNET, the ratio of do-follow and no-follow backlinks should always be 6:4. This leads to a rapid rise in DA and also increases the Alexa ranking.

Which websites to create backlinks from

Backlinks mainly work to boost a website if they are made properly. Therefore, some precautions must be kept in mind while creating backlinks. When creating a backlink, make sure that the backlink is created from the same website that is related to your failure. It will have a variety of benefits. The biggest advantage is that you will get a great backlink and at the same time you can get good traffic from that website. Apart from this, you can also create backlinks from other websites, but you will not get much benefit from there.

Why does the new blogger suffer?

The biggest reason for this is that most websites and YouTube do not provide accurate information and the result is that the new blogger does not get traffic for years and has to close the blog.

If you like our information, please tell us in the comment. I hope that by taking care of these things, you will definitely get success in the field of blogging.


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